Citroën with four world premieres at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018


Citroën is celebrating four world premieres based on the new Berlingo at the 67th International Motor Show for Commercial Vehicles in Hanover (20 to 27 September 2018): The industry-specific custom solutions – Berlingo Transline Solution, Berlingo Chimney Sweep Solution, Berlingo Service and Berlingo Rehab – impressively demonstrate the various expansion and modification options for the latest member of the Citroën transporter family.

Based on the new Berlingo, the Citroën brand is presenting no fewer than four world premieres at the joint stand of the PSA Group covering an area of around 970 m2 in Hall 13 (Stand C64). The Citroën Berlingo Transline Solution, which is presented with a professional load securing concept from Würth, is a genuine all-rounder for tradespeople. The Citroën Berlingo Chimney Sweep Solution was developed in close collaboration with the chimney sweep trade by the company Bott and offers the ‘lucky charms’ an attractive solution for everyday use. The Citroën Berlingo Service − with vehicle equipment from Würth and four-wheel drive from Dangel – is the perfect solution for the forestry sector and outdoor activities.

With the Citroën Berlingo Rehab, which was created in collaboration with AMF-Bruns on the basis of the Berlingo passenger car, Citroën also has an attractive proposition in the area of vehicles for disabled passengers: Depending on its use, there are four seats and a wheelchair space or five seats available.


New Citroën Berlingo Van: versatile and more comfortable than ever

The arrival of New Citroën Berlingo Van in mid-November 2018 will see the third generation of the van come onto the market, more than 1.5 million of which have been produced since its market launch in 1996. New Citroën Berlingo Van is a perfect fit for the widely varying requirements of commercial customers: It will be available in two different lengths (M and XL), in the levels ‘Control’, ‘Club’ and in the new versions ‘Worker’ and ‘Driver’. New Citroën Berlingo Van is based on a new platform that not only offers a large loading space, easy access and a versatile interior, but also promises even more agility, comfort and safety than the previous model. In combination with up to twenty driver assistance systems, up to four connectivity technologies as well as powerful and efficient engines that satisfy the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard (BlueHDi 130 Stop&Start and BlueHDi 130 Stop&Start EAT8), New Citroën Berlingo Van is the ideal companion for all tradespeople.


The Citroën ‘Solution’ models

Citroën is offering an extensive range of industry-specific custom solutions based on its light commercial vehicles Berlingo, Jumpy and Jumper.

The needs of the most important trade industries were analysed thoroughly to create the Citroën ‘Solution’ models. Practical special solutions that are matched exactly to the needs of their users were then produced in cooperation with renowned body builders and customisers based on the Citroën Berlingo, Jumpy and Jumper vans. Such solutions are now offered on a custom basis.

More than 100 Citroën Business Centers throughout Germany ensure a particularly high standard of service and guarantee tailored solutions for commercial customers.


Strong commercial vehicle business

The commercial vehicle business traditionally plays a major role for the Citroën brand. In the first six months of this year, the brand achieved growth of just under 11% in Europe (30 countries) and registered 111,000 units, which corresponds to a market share of 9.9%. Among the small vans, the Citroën Berlingo is currently the second-most popular in Europe.

In Germany, Citroën counts among the strongest importers in the field of light commercial vehicles. In the first half of 2018, Citroën increased its number of vans registered by 10% year-on-year with 6,192 units and achieved a market share of 4.4%.


Four world premieres based on the Citroën Berlingo

1. The Citroën Berlingo Transline Solution

The Citroën Berlingo Transline Solution with professional load securing equipment from Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. is the perfect all-rounder for tradespeople, service providers or the CEP industry (courier, express and parcel services).

From the 10-millimetre-thick floor, to contoured wall cladding made from recyclable polypropylene, a load securing bag with lashing straps and load securing pads, right through to side lashing rails and tie rods, the Citroën Berlingo Transline Solution offers everything that you need for transporting valuable goods.

Furthermore, the low loading sill, the wide sliding door and the wide-opening rear doors ensure that the Citroën Berlingo Transline Solution is ideally suited to a wide range of transport tasks. A mid-height partition with a grille and hatch as well as protective aluminium strips in the entry area also facilitate handling and improve safety.


2. The Citroën Berlingo Chimney Sweep Solution

The Citroën Berlingo Chimney Sweep Solution was developed in close collaboration with the chimney sweep trade by Bott GmbH & Co. KG and offers the ‘lucky charms’ an attractive solution for everyday use.

Besides the durable and moisture-repellent Bott Vario floor, the equipment package of the Citroën Berlingo Chimney Sweep Solution includes two practical modules: The underfloor module consists of a large drawer in the rear and a side pullout in the area of the sliding door. The second module features a large shelf with folding compartments and an anti-slip mat above the large drawer.

The Bott Vario vehicle equipment in the loading space can house all chimney sweep tools neatly and securely. Airline lashing rails and tension belts provide the necessary conditions for securing your load properly. The side wall cladding made from aluminium is stable and impact-resistant; the practical perforated plate enables holders for tools to be attached. In addition, the roof-rack system of the Citroën Berlingo Chimney Sweep Solution is ideal for holding a ladder.

Thanks to its clever design, compact exterior dimensions, a generous loading space length level with the loading area and a spacious interior, the Citroën Berlingo provides the best possible conditions for everyday work whilst also offering lots of room for the necessary measuring devices as well as other chimney sweeping tools.

Citroën and the chimney sweep trade have enjoyed a successful collaboration over many years that is now set to continue with the new Citroën Berlingo Chimney Sweep Solution.


3. Citroën Berlingo Service

The Citroën Berlingo Service that was developed in cooperation with Würth is the ideal companion for woodland and forestry workers. With four-wheel drive from Dangel, service expansion from Würth, compact dimensions and a large load volume, the Citroën Berlingo Service is a practical concept that is specially tailored for the requirements of the target group.

The vehicle equipment is characterised by two areas that are separated from one another: The rear expansion serves as a working area and, with two spacious underfloor drawers including anti-slip mats and an aluminium shelf module with a watertight steel tub, offers a range of stowage options for safely storing and transporting tools including a chainsaw, a woodsplitting hammer and a splitting axe. The ‘clean’ front area is suitable for storing workwear: There is ample room here for a forestry jacket, cut protection trousers, a forestry helmet, safety boots and gloves. What is more, there is an extensible heavy-duty pullout behind the sliding door that can bear a load of 150 kilograms. An ORSYBUL box toploader with integrated ventilation grille for hazardous substances (oil, petrol, forestry markers) and a watertight steel tub including an anti-slip mat with two mounting brackets provide lots of storage space.

The vehicle equipment also comprises a floating 10-millimetre floor plate that has six quick-fix fast mounting systems for lash trays including covers. The side wall cladding is made from polypropylene.

Beyond the extensive space in the rear and front of the vehicle, the aluminium roof rack with three ORSYBUL boxes creates additional storage space. These are splashproof and dustproof and, with a load capacity of 100 kilograms per box, offer lots of room for safely transporting further tools. Four LED working lights on the roof rack (two at the front, two at the back) serve as light sources for working in the dark.

The 4x4 converter Automobiles Dangel ensures good off-road capability, which also makes the Citroën Berlingo Service a reliable partner on forest tracks and trails thanks to its all-wheel drive.


4. Citroën Berlingo Rehab

The Citroën Berlingo Rehab was created in collaboration with AMF-Bruns on the basis of the Berlingo car, and is an attractive proposition in the area of vehicles for disabled passengers. Depending on requirements, the vehicle with rear recess and access ramp can carry either five occupants or four occupants and one wheelchair.

The original rear bench seat is omitted and is replaced by up to three individual seats. The centre seat is optional and can simply be moved forward to accommodate a small wheelchair. If a large wheelchair is to be transported, the centre seat can be easily removed. At 810 millimetres wide and 1400 millimetres long, the rear recess is designed so that commercially available wheelchairs can be transported safely and comfortably.

The wheelchair access is via a ramp located in the rear. With the optional easy-flex mechanism, you can cover the rear recess to create an easily accessible boot.

To ensure that the wheelchair user is transported safely, the wheelchair is secured in the Citroën Berlingo Rehab using a four-point system. In addition, the wheelchair user is secured by a passenger restraint system that also reliably protects him or her in the event of sudden braking. Furthermore, the IAA exhibition vehicle is equipped with integral head- and backrests for the wheelchair user.


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